NULL Tattoo is located in the back of 77 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts. Parking is available. Surrounding shops include a Cafe, Breakfast Place, and a few other great restaurants (vegan options available). CVS is located across the street (open 24 hours) for your convenience.


NULL is a computer programming term that means “No Value,” “Void,” or “Empty.” NULL Tattoo, which filled a “Void” in Andover (a town that had never had a tattoo shop before), is owned by a leading technology expert from New England.

The shop is unconventional. Where most tattoo shops have a specific vibe, NULL is the anti-tattoo shop; a minimalist environment with a different atmosphere; relying on technology for convenience and minimalism for relaxation.

Our artists use a 100% vegan process, meaning no animals were harmed in the making of your tattoo or cosmetic look.

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